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Full Spectrum Doula

Holistic Doula Support from Natalie

  • 4 hr
  • 3980
  • New York

Session Info

Your body knows what to do its your mind that screws with you, is a common phrase is doula work. My intention as a BIRTH worker in NYC, and virtual support across the world is to support birthing folks and partners in preparing for this emotional, spiritual and physical shift. Having a baby requires all of you. I will be your support so you can have the best experience possible in through navigating medical interventions, physical pain and emotional shifts. A doula is described as a non-medical person who assists family on the emotional, spiritual, educational and physical journey during labor and postpartum period. As a full spectrum doula and lactation counselor I assist clients in making informed decisions about their pregnancy and postpartum journey. As a labor doula the main responsibility is to assist pregnant and parenting folks in their ability to be fully present in bringing a child into the world. A doula is not covered by insurance, as to ensure that their main objective to advocate and assist the laboring person and their loved ones, in the choices they would find best suitable to their bodies. ● Phone and email availability to discuss any questions or concerns and help move through fears related to birth postpartum ( after our first prenatal session and once contract is signed and deposit paid) ● Providing you with the information, resources and tools to create your individual birth and postpartum plan. ● 2 prenatal meetings to make sure your birth team is activated, whether that's just you and me or the whole family ● Lactation support class and follow up postpartum lactation consulting are available upon request, as well as introduction to infant feeding. Clients are able to choose Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula or Both. Email us at for any questions

Contact Details

  • New York, NY, USA

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