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Founded in 2018 by Natalie Peña, Healing Internationale has the mission to leverage technology to provide sexual and reproductive health to communities who cannot socially or culturally access healing and education. Our practice methods are created to help clients and communities live healthier and pleasurable lives centered on intergenerational healing and transformative education.

Our interdisciplinary work is reliant on an integrative health model designed by the many folks who have chosen more than just one method of healing. In the western world healing and medicine have traditionally been seen as separate processes, while many people working in traditional medicine have at first strived for healing, many communities are socially or culturally not able to access true healing from only a visit to a doctor or practioner. Our programs are for clients who have chosen to live in presence to their goals, with their loved ones and new generations of communities built internationally. That is why we at Healing Internationale have decided to do it differently.
Our dedicated team of coaches, doulas and providers are here to care for you at whatever stage in life you may be. We  are here to help you and your family find balance in the ever-changing demands of our closest bonds and relationships. 
At Healing Internationale our team focuses on the basic principle that WE NEED YOU! The world needs you, so we begin with the idea that your healing is essential to transforming power in your own life.We believe by healing the individual and the collective, we can create a world we want to live in, raise children in and prioritize what matters most.  



What we do ...

Healing Internationale is a team of coaching professionals, doulas, trainers, therapists, and healers who are here to help you heal or make long-lasting changes in your life. 


Healing Internationale allows you to take steps towards intentional relationships with the ones that matter most in your life. 

We believe you can achieve your personal goals with life coaching and a supportive community.Healing Internationale was created to support beings as they create a  enjoy a new outlook on life.

Our approach works to balance the five areas of integrative medicine that are essential to providing health education and transformative healing experiences.


At Healing Internationale our programs and practitioners are constantly developing modalities that helped clients see themselves as being worthy of care and intimacy, we believe that through this work humans can radically transform the world. ​

Connecting Online

Meet Our Team

Our Team comes from all over the world, and we speak multiple languages. Each of them brings different modalities of healing and education to our community.  

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Ari Munne

Fertility Expert

Ari is a fertility nurse and Clinical Sexologist from Barcelona. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the most important hospitals in Catalonia Spain. She has successfully completed 3 master's degrees in  ICU emergencies, assisted reproduction and sexology and couples therapy. 

Ari  has provided care to thousands of patients through IVF and assisted reproductive treatments. Her passion is to spread proper knowledge and health education to empower people in making informed health and wellness decisions.

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Claribel Henriquez 

Holistic Financial Coach 

Claribel Henriquez is a holistic financial professional that takes a personalized approach committed to what works for the client's specific needs.  A firm believer in financial literacy for all, she walks her clients through clear simple strategies to manage the changes in life and parenthood, focusing on immediate and long-term goals.

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Natalie Friedman

Fitness Coach

Natalie Friedman is a holistic health and fitness coach.Her passion is helping women feel confident and healthy in their bodies, while doing workouts they enjoy and eating foods they love. She seeks to empower women to make fitness part of their lives, not their lives all about fitness. Natalie is a bilingual coach and loves motivating her clients with her Spanglish and bubbly personality. She’s  a pre and postpartum certified trained with more than 8 years of experience  and has helped hundreds of women transform their mind and body to look and feel good.


Ondina Sosa

Yoga and Womb Healing

Ondina is an Integral Yoga Teacher, for pregnant women and other yoga styles, certified at the Satyananda Integral Yoga Center.  She is a Meditation, Breathing, Yoga Nidra Guide with 9 years of experience. She accompanies female healing processes, such as integral healing retreats worldwide. She is a holistic permaculture designer and guardian of the land and lover of herbalism and energetic healing.




Alondra Matamoros

Doula Coordinator Intern

Alondra is the newest member of the Healing Internationale team. She is a sociologist studying to be a full spectrum doula. She is also doing a study on the birthing process and experience in El Salvador, one of her ancestral homes, the other one being the Dominican Republic. She has an interest in holistic medicine and approaches of healing that considers mind, body, spirit and emotions as a whole . Alondra has a  passion for supporting clients and their families through birth and postpartum. 


Marta Galobardes


Marta is a physiosexologist, that is, a physiotherapist specialized in sexuality and female and male pelvic floor. She is curious by nature which leads her to continually train and update herself. She has an official master's degree in the musculoskeletal system and courses everywhere, most of them on posture, pelvic floor and sexuality.

Her passion is to empower people to fully and freely enjoy their own body and sexuality.

You can find her giving talks, treating patients or, most likely, dancing Blues, fusion or Swing through the streets of Barcelona.

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