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Transforming Lives: Full Spectrum Doula Care at Healing Internationale


Empowering Communities through Integrative Health and Education

Mother and Baby

Healing Internationale is on a mission to harness technology for the purpose of providing sexual and reproductive health to communities that may be socially or culturally unable to access healing and education. Our practice methods are carefully crafted to assist clients and communities in living healthier, more pleasurable lives, with a strong focus on intergenerational healing and transformative education.


Our interdisciplinary work relies on an integrative health model developed by those who have embraced more than one method of healing. In the Western world, healing and medicine have traditionally been viewed as separate processes. While many individuals working in traditional medicine initially aimed for healing, there are still many communities that may not be socially or culturally able to achieve true healing through a visit to a doctor or practitioner. Our programs are designed for clients who have chosen to live with purpose, alongside their loved ones and new generations of communities on an international scale. That's why, at Healing Internationale, we've chosen to do things differently.


Our dedicated team of coaches, doulas, and providers is here to support you at any stage in life. We are committed to helping you and your family find balance amid the ever-evolving demands of our closest bonds and relationships.


Meet Our Team

Our Team comes from all over the world, and we speak multiple languages. Each of them brings different modalities of healing and education to our community.  

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Natalie Peña 

Founder, Full Spectrum Doula, Sex and Couples Coach

Natalie Peña (they/she) is a full-spectrum doula, sex therapist, intimacy consultant, and couples therapist. She has had the honor of supporting homebirth, birth center birth, and hospital birth. She has been a Certified Lactation Consultant since 2017 and trained to be a doula. Natalie has attended births since 2015 and has worked in reproductive since 2012. They have always loved to be a witness to the transformation of people into parenthood. Natalie is the founder of Healing Internationale where she spends most of their time working on reproductive justice, and health-based advocacy, as well as training providers and community members. Natalie is passionate about supporting families’ transformation and transition during the perinatal period, especially with those building a new legacy as immigrants.  From prenatal care to doula work, to couples therapy, they have a deep need to create education for sexuality through the lifespan and create spaces for intergenerational health and holistic healing. Their practice focuses on holistic perinatal care, community health education, and lactation consultancy. 

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Ari Munne

Fertility Expert

Ari is a fertility nurse and Clinical Sexologist from Barcelona. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the most important hospitals in Catalonia Spain. She has successfully completed 3 master's degrees in  ICU emergencies, assisted reproduction and sexology and couples therapy. 

Ari  has provided care to thousands of patients through IVF and assisted reproductive treatments. Her passion is to spread proper knowledge and health education to empower people in making informed health and wellness decisions.

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Claribel Henriquez 

Holistic Financial Coach 

Claribel Henriquez is a holistic financial professional that takes a personalized approach committed to what works for the client's specific needs.  A firm believer in financial literacy for all, she walks her clients through clear simple strategies to manage the changes in life and parenthood, focusing on immediate and long-term goals.

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