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BLOOM is an 8 week coaching series for clients to explore sexuality

  • 1 h
  • Online meetup

Session Info

Awaken you thirst for erotic bliss, for sexual liberation, be a free agent of your own sexuality. BLOOM is a trauma informed therapy model different than any other therapeutic experience, you've encountered. Created with care, BLOOM intentionally allows clients to examine, transform and take responsibility for the patterns learned through out your life. In BLOOM clients are able to explore sexuality and how it came to be. In only eight weeks, BLOOM allows clients reignite the sexual expression. Though this work we invite you to find your sexual compass and learn about how your bodily history responds to touch. Inspired by food justice models, clients explore ways to regulate stress, release shame, guilt and anxiety around intimacy and sexual expression. BLOOM takes clients on a journey of self discovery and self actualization. Using exclusive videos and transformative education models, meditation and sex therapy, Bloom focuses on the individual and the soil they were planted in. In each session clients are prompted to explore their own journey to self love, prioritizing pleasure in their most intimate relationships. In BLOOM we explore your sexuality, how it developed, what it craves to feel safe to not only explore, but prioritize pleasure in your life. Ready to Bloom? For more information sign up for a free consultation online to meet your therapist and see if Bloom is right for you ! For inquires and questions email We need you to choose your healing powerfully! It's Time to Bloom!

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New York, NY, USA

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