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We believe that your healing is essential to transforming power in your own life. As your doulas and coaches, we're here to help you transform, whether you are here to release old patterns, embark on parenthood or enjoy living fully present in your body, healing is a process and we're here to guide you as you transform your relationships. 

Transform. Inform. Inspire 

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Our Mission

At Healing Internationale our mission is to leverage technology to advance the lives of people who socially, or culturally, cannot access sexual and reproductive health education and healing.

Healing Internationale


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 Hi Human, 

Welcome to our community. My name is Natalie Peña I am a doula, healer, and the founder and Director of Healing Internationale. 


As a full spectrum doula, and sexologist I'm on a mission to change the way we think about healing. Through intimacy coaching, family building, pregnancy, and sexuality education, I believe to attain optimal health we must reconnect with what it means to be humans in the process. 


I have been inspired by the ways humans who have faced trauma have decided to step into their own power. As a trauma-informed coach, my clients walk away transformed, informed, and inspired. Our work focuses on coaching that utilizes both our client's most intimate relationships with others and themselves. During my clinical training as a Sexologist and Couples Therapist, I found that sexual and reproductive justice done well requires us to see what happens before a client book an appointment, where they have traveled from, and what keeps them present. 


Community is central to the way we envisioned this team. Our co-creators are dynamic professionals from all around the world and fully bilingual in their healing and their work. Our methods and programs are created by healthcare, wellness, and fitness professionals currently working in health education and reproductive health.

Full Spectrum Doula Services

Our doulas assist pregnant and parenting folks in their ability to be fully present in bringing a child into the world We intentionally support both parents and partners in preparing for this emotional, spiritual and physical shift.

Expecting a Sibling

Couples Doula Seminar

Find your rhythm with your partner. Our birth and postpartum doula seminar will help you make a plan with your partner in birth and postpartum.

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Relationship Coaching 

Relationship Counseling for modern couples involves understanding, we are not here to change, what we are looking to do in this work is transform.


Sex Therapy

The sex is always greener where you water it, Sex Therapy allows couples and individuals to live in full expression of their sexuality.



BLOOM is a 8 week coaching series in sexual freedom and exploration

Awaken you thirst for erotic bliss, for sexual liberation, be a free agent of your own sexuality. BLOOM is a four week series created to reignite the your sexual expression, find you sexual compass and learn about your bodily history responds to touch.


Working through Bloom with my therapist has helped me immensely–having the focused time where I was able to clearly define that I was prioritizing my healing was very meaningful to me in that moment, and in part possible because of the concentrated nature of the program.


The experience felt very different than working in a traditional therapist setting– where my past experience was just nebulously exploring trauma and not feeling affirmed or much trust in the direction of where things were going. I was kind of fascinated to see how on point my therapist  was in making observations and helping me understand styles of intimacy patterned throughout my life.

Bloom Client 

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran


Let's begin your healing journey!

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