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TESTIMONIALS- Doula Seminar with Natalie Peña

While Natalie worked with my new family as a postpartum doula, her service extended well beyond this. From lactation support to nutrition to general well-being, My doula was very knowledgeable in women’s health. She is an advocate in self-care and she will help you define what you need to navigate the stresses of bringing home a new baby. My husband and I found this helpful. We didn’t know what to expect, but she took the load off by doing those things we were too tired or overwhelmed to do, like making a meal and light cleaning. She also stepped in to watch our baby so that we could sleep. For us this was like gold! A key goal of mine was to breastfeed and she was very supportive, often giving me tips and information to make my experience better.

By taking the time to get to know us up front, Natalie was able to be flexible, which is what we needed. There is a lot of not knowing with child birth and care; Natalie understands this and is able to navigate the twists and turns that may come up. This is what makes her a good Doula.

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Nizar Gartit
Nizar Gartit
13 jul 2021

Thank you for your support and understanding of my situation.

Me gusta
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