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Naked in the woods- Bloom 2021

I was beginning a journey of reclaiming my sexual power in April, and my friend sent me the link for Bloom shortly after that. It sounded like exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Growing, evolving, exploring sexual quirks, free from any guilt, judgement or lack of self-respect. Free from the past trauma so I could be fully accepting and grounding in the present.

Natalie was brilliant, she was able to spot things in my body language, or subtle changes in my voice, quite something over zoom! She would then ask me more questions or delve deeper into something I was saying and I was pretty shocked by some of the realisations I was having, things I thought I had dealt with years ago. I loved her direct approach, and the ways in which she enabled me to think differently about situations.

The concept of Bloom is so great, and the videos provided really helped bring the homework to life. I was really engaged throughout the programme, and felt my body confidence growing from strength to strength. To the point I went skinny dipping and then barely wore clothes after that! The joy in fully accepting my body was so liberating!

Since finishing the course, I have been learning to trust my intuition, find my voice, express my needs and desires.

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