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Doula Testimonial- Premature Delivery 2022

The doula services we received were really above and beyond what I could have imagined in terms of preparation, support and education. Our process with Natalie began with a super helpful prenatal visit where we discussed both my partner and my expectations for labor and delivery. The process of naming some of these assumptions and needs really helped us get on the same page and left me feeling more prepared for the stages of labor but also more connected to my partner. Natalie checked in with me regularly in between meetings and was a resource for all sorts of questions and connected me with different services/made helpful recommendations. Our next meeting was about comfort measures during labor and she taught us different positions, exercises and strategies we could use during labor. Again, this left me feeling both deeply held and supported by Natalie, as well as more confident in myself and my partner. When my birth experience took an unexpected turn and I was induced early , Natalie was there to provide us with more education and support. She gave me a massage that relaxed me and prepared my body for what was to come.

Knowing that we would need a lot of additional support with the baby in the NICU, Natalie ALSO helped to organize my friends and family into action, helping to create a meal train and coordinating with my support network to prepare our home for our baby’s early arrival. In the weeks/months after the birth, Natalie was a resource for questions and supported me through having a baby in the NICU. She taught us about herbs and exercises to nourish and heal my body, and held space and validated all of my feelings around the birth/making sure we both were getting support through the transition into parenthood and then going back to work. Deciding to work with Natalie was one of the best decisions I ever made. I cannot imagine having gone through this experience without her love and guidance. We are forever grateful to have met her and cannot recommend her more highly.

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