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Doula Review- From a First time Dad's perspective

I cannot overstate how important Healing Internationale was to both my wife's journey and comfort during her pregnancy. From the initial interview with Natalie, we were impressed with the attention to detail and nuance involved in getting to know us both, what we envision for my wife's road to the birth of our son, the expectations and realities of the health care system and how that reflects on people of color.

Each interaction provided us with a wealth of information regarding the lesser-known aspects regarding birth, birth plans, hospital rights, and the importance of experiencing a stress-free atmosphere during labor.

After our first initial zoom meeting, my wife walked away feeling confident and stress-free regarding the common anxieties relating to childbirth. Addressing our own pre-conceived notions about birth as first-time parents was important. Furthermore, the vibe and warm-hearted interactions centered not only around the birth but our interactions as a couple and how we can support and strengthen our bond during our journey.

The on-site support from Natalie was also second to none. She was always available to provide information whenever needed and was easily accessible. Her words of encouragement, overall empathy, and ability to keep potential stressful situations calm allowed us to feel at peace during initial labor all the way up to the actual birth.

The breathing, stretching and techniques provided during our sessions allowed my wife to stay calm during labor and the nurses commented on well prepared we were for the overall process. This was a proud moment and is a testament to the quality of the care we received.

As a client with a healthcare background, I was extremely impressed with both the holistic approach to our care and the knowledge of medical terminology, rights, procedures, medical structure and hierarchy and women’s rights. The ability to align our expectations with realities takes an incredible amount of dedication and we are forever thankful and fortunate to have chosen Healing Internationale and Natalie during our journey.

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