• Eva

Doula & Lactation Testimonials - Birth Stories Shared

I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth. I did all the research, I took the hypnobirthing class, I hired a doula and built my birth team - I did it all. I was renovating our home when I got pregnant, and it was such a stressful time getting ready for Ziggy to arrive.

Natalie and I met a couple years before I got pregnant, and when I shared the news, they regularly checked in with me, making sure I was taking care of myself and finding time to relax. I knew I wanted Natalie's lactation support services, so we arranged for them to arrive the weekend after Ziggy's "due date" - also knowing that I would likely carry Ziggy longer since this was my first pregnancy.

Around the week of my due date, my local doula informed me that she unexpectedly was suffering from gout, and didn't know if she could make it to my birth! That definitely added to the stress and anticipation. The days went by, and despite a couple false alarms, I was only 1cm dilated at 41w2d.

The Alternative Birthing Center where I was to give birth completely supported my desire for a natural, unassisted birth, but their policy said I had to go into labor by 42 weeks, otherwise there was a higher chance of more complications. Thankfully Natalie arrived while I was in the hospital doing everything I could to go into labor. After some dinner and a dance party in the hospital room, Natalie and a couple other friends went home, hoping tomorrow would be the day.

At 1am, while trying to fall asleep, my water broke and I immediately went into labor. My local doula was able to come around 3am, crutches and all. I was deep in labor, so I don't remember exactly what time Natalie arrived, but I remember them walking in and saying "Yes! You're a bad bitch!" after a contraction. They kept saying you're doing great, and I want